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Selected Short Films

Trailer for Without You
Short film - drama  (20 min.)


Shown at several international festivals.

Please write me an email for a link to the full film with password. 



The Art of Crossing a Bridge
Short film - drama  (15 min.)

​Winner of the following festivals:

- Ascona Film Festival (CH, 2013)


Shown at more than 20 international festivals.



Bastian at Roskilde - for the First Time

Short film - mockumentary (8 min.)

​Winner of the following festivals:

- Filmkraft (DK, 2012)

- Dvoted - Roskilde Festival competition (DK, 2009)


The film was originally intended to be shown on the Roskilde Festival's homepage but after watching it, they were afraid it would hurt the ticket sales. So they didn't dare to show it at all. Funnily enough, most people feel like going to a festival after watching it.

You can say the film is about going alone to a party to find some new friends at any cost. Most people know that's not easy.


Starring Mikkel Boe Følsgaard as Bastian Larsen


Editor: Luis pinto
Sound Design: Sune Kaarsberg
Producer: Kim Blidorf
Music: Le Fiasko
Colorgrading: Tobias Bach

See You

Short film - fiction (10 min.)

Winner of Nordic Youth Filmfestival (NUFF)


I once knew a girl who was in a similar situation with an abusive boyfriend. In a way this film is about the frustration of me not knowing how to help. And not having any good solution to the problem.


Original title: Vi ses

Shown at the following festivals:

TOTI, Slovenia (Honorary certificate)
Filmfest Dresden, Germany
Portobello Film Festival, United Kingdom
Amiens International Film Festival, France
Cittadella del Corto, Italy
Festival Beginning, Russia
DaKINO, Romania
International Film Festival in the Palace, Bulgaria
Plataforma Video7 Film Festival, Greece
Shnit, Switzerland
Slow Film Fest, Hungary
Tirana Int’l Film Festival, Albania,
Filmsharing Kurzfilmfestival, Germany
Open Cinema, Russia
Cinefiesta, Puerto Rico
Tipifesten, Sweden
Flensburger Kurzfilmtage, Germany

NUFF, Norway

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