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Music Videos

A Tribute to J.J. Abrams - Yohan feat. Per Wars & Tue Trek
A musical, star-studded celebration of filmmaker J.J. Abrams, the Star Trek universe and the life of a geek. Packed with wild stunts, alien babes, stunning visual effects and crazy celebrity cameos like Tom Cruise. 

Presenter: Tom Cruise, Nerd: Nikolaj Coster Waldau
Masters of the Universe: Per Wars & Tue Trek
Orion Slave Girl: Frederikke Cecilie Bertelsen,Bouncer: Per Lund, PR Woman: Tine Pohl, Voice of Bouncer: David Bateson


"Malene" by Sys Bjerre

Music video - the official uncensored version.

Released by Universal Music. Seen more than 1.5 million times on youtube.

The concept basically was: how many ways can you take revenge over your ex-boyfriend? And then we tried to find a lot of colourful and unusual locations in Vesterbro that would fit with Sys' style.

"Godt Stegt" by Per Vers
A flying summer experience packed with lots of little stories of sunburned men, interesting women and pure craziness.


Starring MC Einar, Joan Ørting and many, many others. 

"Afskyelige snemand" by Per Vers
A metaphoric snow-nightmare about how to destroy your life and relationship.


"Dum" by Per Vers
A music video tale about how the school systems doesn't value true creativity and favors trained monkeys. Featuring the rapper Raske Penge in a cameo.  
"Tæt på" by Per Vers
An action packed video about all the things we're missing out on while glued to our phone screens.
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