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Alternative Dating​

TV Commercial for


Winner of the Kort&Godt Commercial Competition (DK, 2010)

Jury comment, Kort&Godt:

“This ad engages the viewer’s interest from the start in a situation of the kind that the intended target group will find interesting and appealing, which delivers its surprise ending beautifully. This one stands out head and shoulders above all the others.”


DoP and Colorgrading: Ivan Molina Carmona
Gaffer: Morten Kastberg
Editing: Martin Gleerup
Sound Design and Mix: Alex Pavlovic
Location Sound: Anne-Gry Friis
Music: Henning Peer Hansen
Special Effects: Søren Haraldsted

A video for Children's Intl. Summer Villages with the aim of attracting more 11 year olds to their summer camps.



Producer: Marie Louise Færch Nielsen

Editing and music og soundtrack: Johan Albrechtsen

DOP: Anders Aagaard

Sound: Lars Gonzalez


Production Company: Bly Viol

JABRA Xpress Headsets
This commercial is aimed at decision makers in IT-heavy companies.



Agency: Raffinaderiet

Production Company: Bright Beetle

A commercial for the Film Worker's Union in Denmark.



DOP Claus Rosenløv

Idea Tao Nørager

Editor Wiebe Van der Vliet


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